Do You Know The Costs Of A Data Privacy Breach?

Data breaches can be extremely harmful to both businesses and individuals.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are aware that the losses associated with data theft and destruction don’t stop at the cost of computer repair.

This is why having privacy insurance is so important.

Recovering from the damages sustained after a data [...]

Will I Face Future Needs For Cyber Security At Home?

Technology is a great thing, except when it puts people at risk.

As our world becomes increasingly connected through the Internet of Things (IoT), personal data becomes more at risk to hacking threats.

Cyber insurance is no longer a product just for businesses.

Insurance companies are finding that the more [...]

What Is Privacy Insurance And Why Do I Need It?

Cyber business insurance provides protection for data breaches and the damage after an occurrence.

A typical policy includes multiple types of coverage including privacy insurance that fall under the general umbrella of cyber insurance.

If your business receives or stores any personal data, whether from customers, vendors, or employees, cyber and privacy [...]

What Is The Value of Cyber Insurance To My Texas Company?

Cybercrime is on the rise and becoming a bigger risk for all sizes of Texas companies each year.

It has become such a factor in recent years that cyber insurance is now a policy that business owners should have in their insurance portfolios.

Internet liability insurance is one of the [...]

I Own A Small Business – What Insurance Do I Need In Texas?

Texas is rich in many things, not the least of which are the many small businesses that keep our state prosperous.

If you are a small business owner in Texas, it is important to protect your company with business insurance.

With appropriate business insurance coverage, your company will be protected against [...]

Got Questions About Texas Contractor Insurance Requirements?

If you are a contractor in Texas, you understand the importance of and need for a good contractors insurance policy.

Yet as essential as this coverage may be, you probably still have questions about exactly what you need when buying a policy from a contractors insurance agency.

Consider five of the [...]

Why Customers Want The Security of Builder’s Risk Insurance!

builders risk insurance in college station texas


Whether you are building a house for a private owner or an entire shopping center for a commercial developer, builders risk insurance is a vital insurance policy that all customers want to know you carry. Builders insurance provides your customers with important financial security when they have [...]

2018 Rate Increases For Commercial Rental Property in Texas!

Owners of commercial properties in Texas are facing challenging times right now as business investment property insurance costs have begun to rise in 2018. These are more substantial increases than the typical, expected commercial insurance increases.

Recent natural disasters in Texas and throughout the country have set the stage for significant changes [...]

Selling Your Home? Better Prepare For A Home Appraisal!

Homeowners insurance in college station texas


A home appraisal is an inspection that assigns a value to your house based on its size, age, condition, location, and other factors. These appraisals are essential before a buyer can obtain a mortgage or purchase homeowners insurance from local homeowners insurance agents.

As a seller, you [...]

Are Your Loved Ones Safe? Crucial Garage Door Safety Tips!

homeowners insurance in college station texas


Securing your home to prevent a burglary is important. While making sure your home is protected and to prevent filing a claim with your homeowners insurance, have you considered your garage door? Of all the areas of your home where unwanted visitors could gain access, homeowners insurance [...]