Risk Management, Technology and Construction Insurance!

The construction industry continues to grow and as it does, so does the need for construction risk insurance as costs and other risks also elevate.

Yet keeping up with the changes to write an appropriate construction insurance policy has become a real challenge and could leave companies under-insured if they [...]

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Top 7 Must-Know Facts About Contractors Insurance in Texas!

Contractors insurance is a requirement that every building contractor doing business in Texas must have.

It protects both your business and your customers, making it critical protection for everyone involved in a building project.

Consider these important facts about contractors new construction insurance in Texas before you build, then contact [...]

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Is Renters Insurance Worth Its Cost?

Many people rent a place to live so they don’t have to worry about the cost and headache of home ownership; insuring a home is one of those big costs.

Yet you are not totally free from needing insurance if you rent; renters insurance is there to protect you even [...]

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How Technology Drives Up Auto Insurance Rates!

Every year, personal auto insurance rates climb a little more, which is something most drivers have come to expect as the premiums from their personal automobile insurance companies climb higher and higher each year.

What many may not realize is the different reasons why it happens and that now automotive [...]

What Does and Doesn’t Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Your home insurance policy is designed to protect your house and personal belongings should some kind of damaging event occur.

Homeowners insurance policies do have limits and some may not cover everything you assume they would.

That’s why it’s so important that you understand what is actually covered by your [...]

Business Commercial Auto Insurance in Texas – Who Needs It?

Business use of a personal vehicle can lead to problems you might not be expecting.

If you own a business in Texas and have any company cars, those vehicles should be covered by a business commercial auto insurance policy.

Because commercial auto insurance and personal auto insurance are two different [...]

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Need Business Insurance? Don’t Miss These Valuable Tips!

No matter what type of business you own, you must have the right business insurance to protect it, yourself, and your customers.

Every business has its own risks; while some coverage like liability may be applicable to all companies, other businesses may have more specific business insurance coverage needs.

Before [...]

Farm Insurance in Texas – What Does It Cover?

Farm insurance is a necessity for any working farm or ranch business in Texas.

Getting the right farm policies so your entire investment and livelihood is protected can be tricky, making it important to understand what is covered and what isn’t.

Make certain that you purchase the right policy for [...]

Will My Home Insurance Lapse If I Miss A Payment?

Sometimes even those with the best intentions can make mistakes and miss a bill payment deadline.

When the missed deadline is a payment for home insurance, many homeowners absolutely panic.

Will this cancel my policy? Is my home now unprotected until that payment is received by my agency?

These are [...]

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Do You Understand The Standard Home Owners Policy Forms?

If you own a home, you obviously need home owners insurance.

Did you know there is a basic national form for homeowners insurance which may vary by state as to offered coverage?

In Texas, home owners insurance agents can write four different types of policies.

Purchasing the right policy for [...]

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