Is Your Construction Company Able to Handle Crane Accidents?

Construction accidents are unfortunately a common event as evidenced by current news reports, as the whole scope of the industry, especially erecting or working on big buildings, is exceedingly dangerous.

Among some of the more serious accidents that happen on the construction site, commercial insurance agencies see crane accidents occurring [...]

Will My Homeowners Insurance Be Affected By COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has changed life for millions of people across America, many of whom are now forced to stay at home rather than go to work and must deal with financial, and other concerns as a result.

If you own a home, you may be wondering whether the [...]

Auto Insurance and COVID-19 – Should I Make Any Changes?

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched millions of Americans in different ways, including how we use our cars.

Since many people are stuck at home these days and not driving much if at all, auto insurance carriers are now fielding many questions about car insurance policies and whether they should be changed during [...]

Floods Can Be Devastating – Even Outside of Flood Zones!

The risk of flooding is on the rise, a concern that many homeowners insurance agencies are beginning to stress to customers across the country.

Though there are many reasons for increased flooding being seen throughout the country and in specific areas already known to have higher risk like parts of [...]

Home Reno Projects – The Threat to Homeowners and Contractors!

The weather is getting nicer outside, making it a great time to start those renovations you’ve been wanting to do on your house.

Before you hire a contractor for those renovations, is your home covered with the right insurance for the project?

It might be easy to assume your contractor's [...]

Why Do I Need Contractors Professional Liability Insurance?

Everybody makes mistakes - it’s a part of life.

Unfortunately, some mistakes such as those made by a construction company can become costly liabilities if they negatively affect a customer.

That’s where contractors liability insurance comes in.

Designed to protect contractors if found liable for making a professional mistake, this [...]

Vital Info About Covid-19 and Business Interruption Insurance!

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has quickly put many smaller U.S. businesses in jeopardy as the government continues to encourage social distancing and orders more establishments closed to slow the spread of the virus.

As it is with questions and available information about the virus itself, business insurance agencies are [...]

Avoid Cybersecurity-Related Insurance Claims – Be Prepared!

With digital threats steadily on the rise, cybersecurity and protecting businesses with appropriate cybersecurity insurance should be a top concern for all business owners.

Yet most business insurance agencies offering cybersecurity coverage advise their clients that the best protection is prevention when it comes to digital security.

Avoid making claims to [...]

Small Retail Texas Companies Need Workers Comp Insurance!

Workers compensation insurance is a type of insurance that protects both Texas businesses and their employees.

Applicable to all business sizes and types, insurance agencies find that there is a myth that smaller retail businesses don’t really need this coverage since fewer employees doing less risky work mean fewer compensation [...]

Habitational Insurance – Does Your Apartment Complex Have It?

If you own an apartment or condo complex, it’s essential that your business property is covered by the right types of property insurance.

Standard apartment insurance policies that you or your tenants or condo owners within your buildings might take out are not enough.

To fully protect your business property, [...]