Avoid Cybersecurity-Related Insurance Claims – Be Prepared!

With digital threats steadily on the rise, cybersecurity and protecting businesses with appropriate cybersecurity insurance should be a top concern for all business owners.

Yet most business insurance agencies offering cybersecurity coverage advise their clients that the best protection is prevention when it comes to digital security.

Avoid making claims to [...]

Small Retail Texas Companies Need Workers Comp Insurance!

Workers compensation insurance is a type of insurance that protects both Texas businesses and their employees.

Applicable to all business sizes and types, insurance agencies find that there is a myth that smaller retail businesses don’t really need this coverage since fewer employees doing less risky work mean fewer compensation [...]

Habitational Insurance – Does Your Apartment Complex Have It?

If you own an apartment or condo complex, it’s essential that your business property is covered by the right types of property insurance.

Standard apartment insurance policies that you or your tenants or condo owners within your buildings might take out are not enough.

To fully protect your business property, [...]

Better Insure That Diamond Necklace You Got For Christmas!

Christmas has passed for another year and if you were lucky enough to receive a special gift like a diamond necklace, a piece of original art, a valuable antique, or some other high-dollar item, the holiday spirit lives on.

Question is: have you properly protected that special gift?

Many people [...]

Insurance Market Tightening for Construction Industry Risks!

Times and economic conditions change and as they do, so does the insurance industry.

With many sectors in the insurance industry seeing more claims and higher losses over the last few years, so too is the construction industry with construction risk insurance premiums slated to increase heading into the New Year.

According to [...]

Some Tips To Keep Your Business Safe During The Holidays!

It’s that time of year again and with the holiday season right around the corner, so is that time when business insurance agencies start stressing safety and keeping your business secure during this busy time.

Even if you have great business insurance coverage, the best way to protect yourself and [...]

Auto Insurance Updates – What Is Telematics?

Cars are becoming more technical and connected every year, with most new models offering at least some type of digital convenience and safety features.

These connectivity features are known by carmakers and auto insurance companies as digital telematics and are designed to a variety of things.

Helping both you and [...]

Can I Be Denied Homeowners Insurance For Having A Dog?

Dogs are one of the most popular pets owned by people today, considered by many as more than just a pet but also a member of the family.

Imagine owning a dog, trying to buy a home or simply adding a new dog to your family unit, and being denied [...]

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Commercial Property Insurance – Is Your Company Protected?

One of the many risks that today’s business owners face is damage to or destruction of their commercial property, whether due to natural disaster or some other peril.

Commercial property insurance is one of a number of business insurances that is needed to protect your building and your company.

Whether you [...]

Business Interruption Insurance – What Does It Cover?

A key element in keeping any business running if some kind of disaster or substantial loss happens to your company is having the right business insurance coverage.

A well-written business owners insurance policy provides coverage for losses such as physical damage to property, loss of equipment and inventory, and similar [...]

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