Why Customers Want The Security of Builder’s Risk Insurance!

builders risk insurance in college station texas


Whether you are building a house for a private owner or an entire shopping center for a commercial developer, builders risk insurance is a vital insurance policy that all customers want to know you carry. Builders insurance provides your customers with important financial security when they have [...]

2018 Rate Increases For Commercial Rental Property in Texas!

Owners of commercial properties in Texas are facing challenging times right now as business investment property insurance costs have begun to rise in 2018. These are more substantial increases than the typical, expected commercial insurance increases.

Recent natural disasters in Texas and throughout the country have set the stage for significant changes [...]

Selling Your Home? Better Prepare For A Home Appraisal!

Homeowners insurance in college station texas


A home appraisal is an inspection that assigns a value to your house based on its size, age, condition, location, and other factors. These appraisals are essential before a buyer can obtain a mortgage or purchase homeowners insurance from local homeowners insurance agents.

As a seller, you [...]

Are Your Loved Ones Safe? Crucial Garage Door Safety Tips!

homeowners insurance in college station texas


Securing your home to prevent a burglary is important. While making sure your home is protected and to prevent filing a claim with your homeowners insurance, have you considered your garage door? Of all the areas of your home where unwanted visitors could gain access, homeowners insurance [...]

You Need Commercial Auto Insurance If You Transport Clients!

commercial auto insurance in college station texas


One common oversight many small business owners make is not getting commercial auto insurance when it is needed. Obviously, a large business needs commercial vehicle insurance because company cars are used on a regular basis to make deliveries or for other business purposes.

As a small business owner, did you [...]

Remodeling A Fixer-Upper? You Need Builders Risk Insurance!

builders risk insurance in College Station Texas


Fixer-uppers have become all the rage lately, with more homeowners  remodeling older homes than ever before. Whether you purchase a remodeling project and plan to live in it or want to sell it after renovation, it is essential that you carry builders risk insurance coverage.

Available from any [...]

Are You A Contractor? Learn How Surety Bonds Work!

Contractors insurance in College Station Texas


Contractors surety bonds insurance is financial security which assure that a contractor can complete a project as agreed with an investor. In the event that your business were to default on one of its jobs, your client can recover their monetary investment by making a bonds insurance [...]

Business Insurance – Some Thoughts After Hurricane Harvey!

Business Insurance Coverage in College Station TexasBusiness Insurance Coverage in College Station Texas

During Hurricane Harvey, homes were not the only structures seriously damaged by floodwaters. Thousands of businesses also sustained damage, much of which was not adequately covered by business property insurance. Like many homeowners, many business owners failed to consider business insurance for floods until it was too late.

Purchasing the [...]

Minimum Auto Insurance Limits in Texas – Is It Enough?

Auto Insurance in College Station Texas

To drive legally in Texas, all drivers are required to carry auto insurance. Texas has a specified minimum amount of car insurance that must be carried to drive in Texas. Yet does that minimum amount required by automobile insurance provide you with enough coverage in Texas? You may be surprised to learn [...]

What Additional Home Insurance Coverage Do I Need in Texas?

Home Insurance in College Station Texas

Homeowners insurance protects you from damage to your house and personal belongings. Yet not all home owners insurance is the same, nor does a standard home insurance policy cover you for all perils. If you want to stay safe in Texas, you may want to add some recommended supplements and [...]