The risk of flooding is on the rise, a concern that many homeowners insurance agencies are beginning to stress to customers across the country.

Though there are many reasons for increased flooding being seen throughout the country and in specific areas already known to have higher risk like parts of Texas, one thing is certain: flooding can happen outside known flood zones.

Protecting properties involves purchasing the right home owners insurance, including supplemental flood coverage if necessary.

Flood Zones Are Constantly Changing

One of the most important points that homeowners insurance agencies are pointing out, particularly after flooding during Hurricane Harvey affected so many Texas properties outside of documented flood zones, is that the zones are constantly changing.

Whether it’s due to climate change, more construction, or other reasons, populated areas are seeing more and bigger floods than ever before.

Constant topographical and atmospheric change means unexpected things can happen, with some of those events like hurricanes resulting in catastrophic flooding.

Flood Maps Are Failing to Keep Up

A large part of the problem with regard to the ever-changing flood zones and their effect on homeowners insurance coverage is that many of the national flood maps are out of date.

After recent flooding events, some communities are redrawing their maps but only to include newly flooded areas.

Combined with new Texas home sale laws that require more disclosure about flood zones and previous flooding, these updated maps may be a help for those looking to purchase homes; however, they do little to address the genuine possibility that tomorrow’s flood may still happen outside of even the new flood zones.

Flooding Can Happen Anywhere

The bigger issue with even updated flood maps is that they may promote a false sense of security in a world where Mother Nature doesn't play by the rules.

Some experts now suggest that there really are no flood zones per se, only areas where flooding is more likely to occur since catastrophic flooding can technically happen anywhere when the conditions are right.

Given the fact that history has repeatedly proven this to be true, it suggests that there are very few geographical areas in America that are truly safe from flooding.

Owners of property outside of historical or even newly defined flood zones should consider purchasing supplemental flood insurance to beef up their home owners insurance policies and protect them should a flood occur outside of those suggested boundaries.

Homeowners Must Prepare for Unpredictable Flooding

The important takeaway for those owning property is that if there has been flooding anywhere in the reasonable vicinity even if that property is located outside of a designated flood zone, it’s entirely possible for floodwaters to come close at any time.

Homeowners insurance agencies strongly suggest that most homeowners purchase additional coverage for their homes, including Federal flood insurance and other add-on policy riders, to protect against devastating flooding losses that may be more likely to happen than people think they are!

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