The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has changed life for millions of people across America, many of whom are now forced to stay at home rather than go to work and must deal with financial, and other concerns as a result.

If you own a home, you may be wondering whether the pandemic affects your homeowners insurance coverage at all and if so, how.

Well, the good news is that your home owners insurance should be mostly unaffected by what’s happening in the country and world today due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Yet there are a few stipulations that may apply to you depending on your personal circumstances.

Read on to learn more about your home owner’s coverage and what to expect from your policy during these unexpected and trying times.

Any Changes To Homeowners Insurance Policies?

Although every policy is different and every homeowner’s situation is an individual one, generally speaking your homeowners insurance should not be affected by COVID-19.

The policy that covers your home does not include pandemic-related losses; however, any losses during this period are not likely to be related to the pandemic.

The ways in which your coverage applies should be unaffected.

Do I Need Any Additional Coverage?

Perhaps, especially if you’re now working from home and have created a home office for yourself.

You may also want to increase your home liability coverage if:

  • You have kids who are home from school these days.
  • There are neighborhood kids who might cause some mischief-related damage.
  • You have a dog.
  • You have a pool or other attractive nuisances on your property.

Talk to your homeowners insurance agent about what your current policy covers and if you should add additional liability protection for the above or perhaps more insurance to cover specific new equipment now in your home.

What If You Have A Claim?

If you have to file a claim against your homeowners insurance policy, the process may end be a little different than normal since we are all socially distancing these days.

Photographs of your damage becomes more important and meeting with your agent or claims adjuster may be done remotely as it’s unlikely an adjuster will come to your house.

Insurance companies are using whatever alternate methods are necessary to serve clients while observing any local pandemic rules or recommendations.

Having Trouble Paying Your Premium?

With so many people struggling financially as an aftereffect of being out of work, most home owners insurance companies are working with their clients in various ways to make payment more feasible.

You may be able to reschedule a few payments for the future and some companies may be waiving late fees as well.

Rescheduling a payment for your homeowners insurance means you’re still responsible for it but agree on a later date to make that payment when it’s more feasible for you.

Agents will also work with you to prevent coverage lapses or help you get caught up again in the event that coverage has already lapsed due to non-payment.

Talk To Your Homeowners Insurance Agent

Homeowners insurance agents across the country are seeing firsthand how COVID-19 is affecting their customers and the many changes going on in their lives due to the pandemic.

They are also via a quick phone call to help you figure out solutions to any insurance concerns you may have during this time.

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