Contractors insurance is a requirement that every building contractor doing business in Texas must have.

It protects both your business and your customers, making it critical protection for everyone involved in a building project.

Consider these important facts about contractors new construction insurance in Texas before you build, then contact a contractors insurance agency to help you craft a policy that’s perfect for your contracting business.

1. General Liability Contractors Insurance Protects Your Business

Keeping your business assets and employees safe from liability issues is critical if you run a contracting business.

A general liability contractors insurance policy protects you from covered losses, damage, lawsuits, false advertising, libel, and many other claims that could be made against your business.

2. General Liability Contractors Limits and Coverage Amounts

Every general liability insurance policy has stated limits to the benefits it will pay out in the event you are liable for damages, which doesn't mean you can’t increase your coverage amounts.

Work with an experienced contractors insurance agency that will help you determine the amount of coverage your policy should carry to keep your business safe.

3. Work Vehicles Need A Commercial Auto Policy

Vehicles owned and used by your business cannot be covered under your personal auto policy or a contractors new construction insurance liability policy.

You must purchase a separate commercial auto policy for liability, collision, and more for all of your company vehicles that you and your employees use.

4. Tools and Equipment Need An Additional Policy

Neither your contractors insurance or your commercial auto policies will cover your company’s equipment and tools from damage, theft, vandalization or other loss.

An inland marine policy added to your coverage portfolio will cover your equipment and tools, keeping your employees on the job even after a loss of some kind.

5. Workers Compensation Insurance Recommended

It is not required that you purchase workers compensation insurance in Texas; however, it is highly recommended that you do.

Workers compensation pays benefits to your employees if they get hurt on the job and protects your business against a lawsuit filed by injured employees seeking compensation for their injuries.

6. Contractors New Construction Insurance

Because liability can become such a serious issue during construction projects, informed consumers look for contractors who have sufficient contractors new construction insurance.

If you don’t have this coverage, you and your customers at risk plus you could be missing out on jobs when customers decide to avoid the risk and work with an insured contractor.

7. No Two Contractors Insurance Policies Are the Same

Since every contracting company’s risks and coverage needs are different, it’s best to work with a knowledgeable contractors insurance agency that can write the policy to best protect you.

The right policy designed to provide the coverage you need without any extras is a very affordable way to ensure that your business is well protected against liability and other losses.

Contractors Insurance In Texas

If you are a building contractor in Texas, you must have liability contractors insurance that protects the consumer at least.

What is more beneficial for your business and your customers is a tailored contractors new construction insurance policy that will protect your employees and all your business assets as well.

Talk to an experienced contractors insurance agency to get the policy that will give you the protection you need at affordable rates!

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