Cars are getting more technologically advanced by the year, with much of the focus on improving safety.

Some of these features are very helpful for improving driver safety and can even get you a small discount on your insurance premium.

On the other hand, others are not nearly as helpful as they’re touted to be and often prove to be just expensive luxuries.

Deciding if you should spend the extra money for these features depends on what you’re really looking for.

Read below which safety features experts have rated to be actually helpful and their cost and which ones are not recommended.

Safety Features Worth the Added Expense

If your main concern is driver safety, reducing the possibility of having an accident, and keeping your car insurance premium as low as reasonable, safety experts who have researched current automotive technology suggest adding these features to your next new car:

  • Forward Collision Warning - Warns if you’re too close to the car in front of you and a collision is possible.
  • Blind Spot Warning - Warns when another vehicle is in your blind spot.
  • Lane Departure Warning - Warns when you drift out of your lane.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking - Automatically applies the brakes when it senses a collision is about to happen or if you might hit a pedestrian.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control - Automatically adjusts speeds according to the speed of surrounding traffic.

In addition to these four which are top-rated safety features you can get with many new cars today, auto insurance agencies also find these helpful for reducing minor accidents that result in many insurance claims being made each year:

  • 360-degree Camera - Provides a view of all sides of the car for safe parking, backing, and other similar actions.
  • Automatic High Beams - Turn high beams on and off based on driving conditions.
  • Exit Warning - Warns when getting out of the auto if another vehicle or bicycle is about to pass.
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Warnings - Warns when backing if there is something or someone in the way.
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking - A location device built into the security system for detecting lost or stolen vehicles.
  • Teen Driver Technology - Various parental controls including speed and seat belt notifications, control of the sound system, and other similar ones so new youthful drivers adopt good driving habits.

Luxury Features If You’ve Got the Budget

In addition to the useful safety features mentioned above, there are numerous other convenience features you can get in a new car if your budget allows it.

Be warned that some are more costly than they’re really worth and car insurance services find some can add dangerous distractions that actually work against driver safety:

  • Anything WiFi - WiFi hotspots, wireless charging, wireless built-in entertainment systems, and others are all really convenient; however, driver usage of the internet within the vehicle is a huge distraction and should only be done while stationary.
  • Heads-Up Windshield Display - Displays vehicle details like speed, direction, and other info right on the windshield in front of the driver’s eyes; helpful but again, potentially distracting.
  • GPS Systems - While GPS is very convenient on most autos, it must be used with caution as adjusting the system and attempting to follow the directions provided by automated voices can be distracting enough to cause accidents.
  • Other Extras - Heated steering wheels, individual or multi-zone climate controls, rear entertainment systems, and others are all very nice to have but can add significantly to the cost of your vehicle.

Spend Wisely on New Cars

There is no doubt that driving is getting more comfortable and convenient with each new vehicle model that’s released.

If you’re considering some extra features, you stand to do better safety-wise and car insurance-wise when you invest in the above-mentioned safety features first.

Good safety features can help you drive safer, thus reducing the chance you’ll be filing an auto insurance claim; however, they may get you a premium discount too!

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