Digital data and personal information now need just as much protection as tangible items.

Cyber insurance can provide one level of protection; however, it should not be considered as the only means of protection.

Internet liability insurance works after a data breach has happened.

The best protection starts with effective breach prevention, not just relying on insurance to recover after a data breach has taken place.

Cyber Insurance Does Not Protect Everything

To fully understand the role that cyber insurance plays in protecting digital data and personal information, you must first realize that this type of insurance does not protect against everything that could go wrong after a data breach.

While it does pay for damage to computers, financial losses, legal help, and other related expenses, it cannot prevent a damaged reputation or continual damage due to identity theft as well as access to other personal information that can occur after such an event.

Many people falsely believe that as long as they have a good internet liability insurance policy, whether a personal policy or one for their business, they have all the coverage they need.

In reality, this type of coverage must be viewed only as a means to correct the effects of a problem that has already taken place, not as a foolproof method to protect against damage in the first place.

Threat Detection and Prevention Are Essential

Proper protection against data theft and the damaging results that can follow starts long before any cyber insurance policy is put into effect.

It begins with a good threat detection and prevention plan.

Using up-to-date detection and system monitoring tools, it is possible to uncover incoming threats before they ever have a chance to do any damage.

The key to this type of protection lies in good network management using the best threat detection tools along with important prevention strategies like firewalls, encryption, and antivirus or anti-malware programs.

Internet Liability Insurance Comes After Good Prevention

With the right detection and prevention measures in place, an internet liability insurance policy can function as the backup protection it is actually intended to be.

These policies provide benefits in the event that other protective measures fail and a breach occurs.

At the rate that new threats continue to surface, this is always a possibility even when employing the best preventive methods.

As helpful as an insurance policy can be, it is important to remember that these policies only provide financial benefits for correcting the results of a data breach.

They cannot prevent the damage from occurring in the first place.

In Closing

As cybercrime rates increase and new threats pop up every day, protecting personal information or business data is more essential than it has ever been.

Cyber insurance plays an important part in helping those who have been victimized by a cyber attack; however, it is far from the only important element to protect sensitive data.

When used together, threat detection and prevention policies are the first and most critical part of data protection.

Internet liability insurance offers important financial protection should other methods fail.

A good combination of detection, prevention, and insurance is the best plan for thorough prevention of data loss and recovery from the damages that can result from it!

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