A good home insurance policy will reimburse you for valuable personal items stolen from your home if you are the victim of a home burglary.

Unfortunately, monetary reimbursement by even a really great home owners insurance policy cannot bring your items of value, whether a sentimental family heirloom or a one-of-a-kind collectible, back to you.

Considering this point, homeowners insurance agencies stress the need to make your home burglar-proof in an unusual way: thinking like a burglar!

Use these helpful tips to secure your home and all personal belongings by outsmarting burglars before they try to enter your home.

Discourage Would-Be Burglars Three Ways

The key to discouraging burglars before they even attempt to break into your house to steal from you and have to make a home insurance claim is knowing the three things that will cause burglars to think twice:

  1. A Well-Lit Outside Area - Burglars don't want to be seen by other, so keep the outside of your house well-lit with entryway lights, spotlights, and other lights on at night to illuminate areas where break-ins could happen. Homeowners insurance companies also recommend installing a video doorbell to speak through as burglars know this will also record their presence.
  2. Loud Noise - Since loud noises or sounds might attract the neighbors, have a security system with a loud alarm and post that information around the house where it will be seen by the burglar. A dog that barks at noise or motion outside is another deterrent, as many burglars won’t break into homes with dogs.
  3. Well-Locked Entryways - Burglars want a quick entry, so a well-secured home with locked doors, windows, and garage doors will take too long to break into, especially if the above two elements are in place as well.
Secure Doors and Windows

As obvious as it may seem that you should lock your doors and windows to prevent home owners insurance claims due to break-ins, you might be surprised to know that many burglars simply walk right into an unlocked house.

Always keep your doors and windows; if you want to open windows while you’re at home, be cautious and don’t forget to close and lock them again before leaving or at night.

Consider putting security bars on your ground-level windows.

Be Wary Letting Unknown People Enter

A common method used by burglars to scope out their next target is to show up at a house posing as a worker, salesperson, or someone else hoping to look around and discover an entry into the house.

You never know who will steal from you, even when you’ve hired workers to work in and around your home.

Home insurance companies suggest that you avoid letting unexpected visitors inside and only hire bonded, reputable contractors that will stand up to closer scrutiny with a background check.

Before letting anyone into your house, make sure you don't have any valuables in plain sight that could attract the interest of potential burglars.

In a similar vein, be careful of the boxes and wrappings you put in the trash especially boxes from luxury items could tip thieves off as to what is inside your house.

Keep Your Home Looking Lived-In

Whether you’re home or not, prevent home owners insurance claims due to break-ins by always presenting the appearance of being there:

  • Keep the lawn mowed!
  • Be sure mail and newspapers are picked up, even if you’re on vacation!
  • Put exterior and interior lights on timers to go on every night automatically!
  • Ask a neighbor to watch your house and regularly put out your trash!
  • Avoid allowing your house to look empty for days on end!
Think Like A Burglar to Prevent Break-Ins

Foiling would-be burglars comes down to thinking like them and eliminating any ways to break into your home.

Avoid a break-in and having to file a claim with your homeowners insurance company because a burglar broke in by making your home inhospitable for thieves wanting to enter.

If you do this, your valuables and other personal belongings will remain safe with no need to file any home insurance theft claims!

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