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If you drive in Texas, insurance agents want you to stay safe on state roadways. Whether you drive on busy interstates or more rural roads, there are a number of things you should do to ensure safe travel whenever you get into your car.

Read the driving tips offered below by car insurance agencies and arrive safely every time. Besides doing your part to keep Texas roads safe, careful driving can help keep personal car insurance premiums lower, too.

Learn How to Use Driver Assist Features

Today’s cars are more technologically advanced than ever before. Many models have features designed to keep you safe while you are driving. Some of the driver assist features your car may offer include vehicle cameras and sensors that detect objects in your path, lane departure sensors, and adaptive cruise control that responds to what is happening on the road.

Insurance agents find these features very helpful in reducing traffic accidents when they are activated. If your car has these and other driver assist features, your insurance agency recommends that you learn how to activate and use them.

Don’t Rely On Driver Assist Alone

As helpful as driver assist features can be, insurance agencies warn against relying on these tools exclusively to keep you safe on the road. These features are not foolproof in every situation and do require immediate interaction from the driver to correct the vehicle when warning systems detect a problem. Unless you are always alert and ready to react, driver assist features can increase driving danger rather than reducing it.

Learn Proper Merging and Passing Techniques

Improper merging is recognized by most insurance agents as a main cause of accidents where drivers end up calling their personal car insurance company for help. As such, it is essential to learn safe and effective merging and passing techniques. To proceed safely and avoid the need to call your insurance agency because of an accident, practice the following rules of the road:

  • Yield to faster-moving traffic. Never assume that anyone will stop or slow down for you.
  • Increase your speed to match moving traffic before entering the roadway. Do this once you reach the end of the solid highway line and the broken line appears.
  • Check your blind spots before merging and seek an opening that gives you at least 3 or 4 seconds of gap between vehicles.
  • Always use your turn signal to indicate that you intend to merge into traffic.
  • When merging onto the highway or changing lanes, only cross one lane of traffic at a time.
  • If you need to pass another vehicle, always do so on the left. Once you have passed the slower vehicle and there are a few seconds of gap between you and that car, merge back into your original lane.
  • Keep up with the speed of traffic. Personal car insurance agencies point out that doing so reduces the need for cars to pass each other.
  • Prepare for your exit in advance by merging into the right lane early; however, do not slow down until you begin to exit.

Staying safe on Texas roadways means adhering to driving laws and practicing safe driving techniques. Insurance agents agree that driver assist features can be helpful in preventing accidents when used properly. Personal car insurance companies also stress the importance of learning correct merging and passing techniques for safe sharing of the highway.

By adhering to these safe driving tips, you can avoid dangerous accidents as well as the need to make a claim with your insurance agency that could affect your policy and your premiums!

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