If you’re like a lot of Texans, you are more than just a football fan - you're also a fan of pre-game tailgating festivities!

It’s a great way to spend a whole day enjoying the game with your friends and family, at least that is true if you do it safely.

Grill fires can turn your fun day into a nightmare, even when you’re tailgating in a parking lot or field far away from homes or other structures.

Prevent injuries, property damage, and unnecessary liability claims to your homeowners insurance by following some important grilling safety tips!

1. Position the Grill Safely

Though you may not think it seems like much of a risk, each year there are lots of dangerous grill fires that occur when tailgaters don’t use caution.

Homeowners insurance agencies find that the primary cause of these fires is positioning the grill too close to vehicles or under a tent, both of which should be avoided.

To prevent a fire in case of a flare-up, position your grill 10 to 15 feet away from your vehicle or structure and keep it out in the open, away from your party tent.

A grill too close to a vehicle could even damage your car's paint, even without starting a fire!

Prepare A Gas Grill Correctly

Portable gas grills can make your tailgating great, cooking your food to perfection every time; however, they can also be dangerous and responsible for many injuries and home owners insurance claims yearly.

Before starting your Game Day experience, check your propane gas line for leaks by putting a little bit of soapy water on the hose, especially at the two ends and look for bubbles that would indicate a leak and a need to replace the gas line.

Once you have the propane flowing, keep the grill top open as you light it to prevent an explosion under the lid that could start a fire.

Prepare A Charcoal Grill Correctly

If you’re bringing along a charcoal grill, confirm that the lighter fluid you’re using is specifically for charcoal and use it according to the container directions.

Most importantly, don’t keep adding more fluid to your coals if there’s already flames burning on them as that could cause a flare-up and result in a dangerous fire not to mention a claim to your homeowners insurance policy for injuries or damage.

Bring A Fire Extinguisher

Sometimes, even after taking all the necessary precautions, you could still face a grease fire that can endanger your tailgate setup.

The best rule of thumb is to have a fire extinguisher with you, no matter where you’re grilling but especially if you’re tailgating,.

In the event that your grill, the grass, or anything around you catches on fire, you can act quickly and put it out before it gets out of control and turns into a more major problem.

Fun Tailgating Requires Safe Grilling

Tailgating at the game is a great way to spend your day enjoying the company of friends and family as you all celebrate your favorite team before rooting them on to victory on the gridiron.

It is the sincere hope of your homeowners insurance agency that you keep your tailgating fun and free of danger by avoiding the things that can cause grill fires.

Use your grill safely to prevent fires and the home owners insurance claims that could happen if someone gets hurt or property is damaged.

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