Eliana Milioto

Eliana is a native Italian, growing up and living in Italy for 31 years with her mom and aunt.  In Italy and Texas she has acquired over 16 years of business experience working in diverse trades and industries, including her experience in the automotive industry working for BMW on large commercial fleet leases, credit insurance/stocks, finance and banking experience, working for one of the largest national bank groups in Italy such as Banca Intesa San Paolo.

In 2010 she happily married her husband, an American citizen, and she started the adventurous journey that brought her to the US shortly after, where she started working as a P&C commercial lines account manager.

She recently obtained her TIIA commercial lines designation and very much enjoys learning in depth about commercial insurance coverage and underwriting matters.

Throughout her high school and university education, she enjoyed Classic academic studies, such as Greek & Latin linguistics, Roman & Greek history, literature, archaeology, theater, and papyrology.  Eliana is intellectually very curious and eclectic, eager to read and always learn something new: her interests and hobbies range from photography to design, architecture, history, and technology.